2018 show starts in 143 days

17 . 18 . 19 May 2018

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The Devon County Show is the South West’s first premier agricultural show of the season. It exemplifies the very best of food, farming and rural life and attracts top quality pedigree livestock, horses and dogs.

The majority of 2017 schedules are available now. To enter go to Online Entries or Request a Schedule.

Horses - latest
There are some judge changes from the schedule:
Welsh Pony of Cob Type - In Hand & Ridden will now be judged by Mrs J Wyatt, Ringwood, Hampshire.
Miniature Shetland Ponies - In Hand will now be judged by Miss K Richard, Bodmin, Cornwall.

Dog Show - enter online or to download a schedule go to: www.dog.biz
Latest: international judge Louis Kruger from South Africa, who is also a top handler and breeder, will judge here.

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