Equine Influenza Update

In order to attend the 2019 Devon County Show all equines (horses, ponies, donkeys) must have been vaccinated for Equine Influenza. 

Equines may attend having received the primary course, and prior to the first booster, but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose.  The primary course is 1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccination 21 – 92 days later.  This should be followed by the first booster (150 – 215 days) and all subsequent boosters.  Equines must have been vaccinated within the 6 month prior to the show. 

Foals - In-foal mares that have already had vaccinations of primary Equine Influenza course should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born.  Foals should be vaccinated for Equine Influenza at 6 months to commence their primary course.

We urge all owners to adhere to strict biosecurity protocols at all times. Vaccinations are subject to local risk assessments by the attending veterinarians.

Please do not send vaccination certificates or passports to the show office prior to the event. Passports must accompany all equines arriving at the Showground and random checks may be carried out.

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